Friday, May 15, 2009

A Vote for Hockey

In this week's edition of TIME Magazine, contributing writer Joel Stein has been given one last chance by his editor to write about hockey in his column and as a result he will have to prove its excellence as a sport. Joel must prove to America that hockey is relevant, and if he is unsuccessful (per a vote on then Joel will be banned from writing about the sport ever again!

Stein gets Wayne Gretzky, Clerks director Kevin Smith, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and three-time Stanley Cup champion Brendan Shanahan on the record to support his case. Given the current NHL playoffs, now more than ever is the time to argue about hockey’s relevance and importance as a sport. Stein’s column and the poll to ban him from writing about hockey is on and on stands in the latest issue of TIME.

Go here to read Stein's column and cast your vote in favor of hockey.

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